About The Live Tribute

Here Comes the Sun Live Tribute Programs

A live performance exploring the musical and spiritual journey of George Harrison.

A variety of presentation options are available for live events and offer a very special perspective on George’s life and music. Whether it be solely for entertainment purposes, historical appreciation, enrichment of a spiritual retreat, or enlightenment at a business conference, a Here Comes The Sun presentation is a memorable and moving choice. Performances are most enjoyable, serve as an important awareness tool, and welcome reminder of social consciousness for all.

Presentation opportunities include Joshua Greene’s stellar narration, rare film and photos, and the musical talent of international touring artists, The Godfrey Townsend Band.

Statement of Purpose

George Harrison was admired for his commitment to spirituality, which he believed could improve lives and protect the planet. His post-Beatles songs reflect that conviction and are as relevant today as they were thirty years ago. Through music, visuals and commentary about his journey of self-discovery, these tribute events honor George Harrison, his music and his principles.

Live Tribute Programs

There are a number of options for the live tribute programs of Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison.

No matter the size of your venue or the demographic of your audience, there is a presentation that is sure to offer great entertainment and heightened awareness.

Presentation choices range from a program featuring a full band to solo presentations by author Joshua Greene. There are additional options with a trio, a duo, or a soloist providing the live musical performance.

The Here Comes the Sun live tribute programs feature a range of world-class musicians. Performers regularly include guitarists Godfrey Townsend, Tommy Williams, John Montagna, and drummer Mike Bellusci.

We are available to work with you and assist you in selecting the program that will be best suited to your occasion.