This two-hour tribute offers great music, fascinating storytelling, bad jokes, and the wisdom of a man who once described his life like this: “I climbed to the top of the material mountain, and then I found out how much more there was on the other side.” George Harrison was admired for his commitment to spirituality, which he believed could improve lives and protect the planet. His post-Beatles songs reflect that conviction and are as relevant today as when he wrote them. “Here Comes the Sun” includes rockin’ music by international touring artists, rare photos and film footage, and an absorbing commentary that has brought audiences to their feet at venues nationwide.


FULL BAND—Features narrator Joshua M. Greene, legendary singer and lead guitarist Godfrey Townsend, guitarists-keyboardist Tommy Williams and John Montagna, and drummer Mike Bellusci.

THREE-MAN SHOW—Features narrator, Godfrey Townsend, and additional singer-guitarist.

TWO-MAN SHOW—Features narrator Joshua M Greene and music by Godfrey Townsend.

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